Our Team


When not in the studio recording his next episode, Zach is a full-time captain based out of Rhode Island doing fast response and towing in salvage. On his days off, you’ll find him on the water or training with his team at Providence Barbell Club. Living on the east and west coasts, and Hawaii, Zach developed an intense passion for all things ocean. Follow him on Instagram @captain_zachariah_rollins


Raised just outside of "Bean Town"m Tyler grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Rhode Island to study engineering at the University Rhode Island. Throughout life Tyler found himself draw to the arts, eventually picking up a camera and taking shots as a hobby outside of work. Now his passion for photography has turned into a side hustle. He's the guy behind the lense in any in house content created by Along the Keel.


Born and raised in Texas, Katie started exploring the natural world by climbing trees and catching lizards and toads in her backyard. Her curiosity took her all the way to Texas Tech University where she earned her degree in Natural Resources Management. While there, Katie worked as an outdoor trip leader, leading hiking, backpacking, road biking trips and more.